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Masterlist of Podfic and Arts

ghost on the highway

Read to me the things

I have no plans to outlive you
zero, none, ask me what my
biggest fear is.
God please grant me twenty five
more and I will go happy.
Let me see her cry from a skinned knee,
a bike crash, a bee,
the inevitable dissapointment of men
and boys.
Let me watch her smile in the ocean
face break open in the waves, create art,
a first kiss.
Let this all come to pass.

You know what to do when I don't
remember anymore
we have talked about this.

Read to me the things
all the things.
riyku and homopink
whereupon, maeryhs, leonidaslion
eversingle word that candlebeck
has written down,everysingleone
paxlux and for god's sake Gossomer
Ten Thousand Miles and drvisilla
The Last Outpost of All That Is
runedgirl, indiachick,  Ripe Apricots
sleepypercy's everything...

Tell me there were two brothers
who loved so hard they broke the world
Say this is gospel
Tell me about the little brother
the one with the shaggy hair who never
stopped pushing and the big brother
who was his everything.
Tell me how dark it got. Tell me.
Tell me of green eyes and fairywings
of stolen voices, ghost boys and
hearts in a box.
Take me to a dark dark place
so I am not afraid.

Say he rides a dragon, his brother,
and a sweet black car slick with rain.

Most of all read to me the things
all the things.

(I wrote this awhile ago and came across it today. It made me cry. This is just how much fandom has meant to me)
ghost on the highway

terrible twosome

Meet the new nephew was trapping the barn kittens at his grandfathers farm and we came home with these two girls.
Hopefully we got ourselves a couple of mousers.

Meet Tokyo Milk Dragon

and Coraline Jones



ghost on the highway

Artwork for Quicky Bang

For Quicky Bang!!!!!!

Title: A House on Fire
Art: meesasometimes
Gen/Jo Harvelle/casefic/horror

 photo house-on-fire.gif

these are some stills I grabbed. The first is the original artwork, charcoal on paper with digital lettering.

 photo house on fire2.jpg

 this is the last scene of fully engulfed flamage...and then a slowed down version of the final gif.

 photo fire14.jpg

 photo house-on-fire-3sec.gif
so funny enough this was supposed to be my warmup to my bigbang, kind of learn the ropes of photoshop gif-ing...but I got an early date and really got left with no time and had to do things kind of backward. It was great for this quicky bang tho, I feel like I got to incorporate some knowledge that I didn't have before :)))))
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big bang post....

My Secret Heart - BigBang 2017 written by storyspinner70 , a delicious J2 story in which Jensen wears sweatervests, sports some hot tattoos, has a bit of OCD and is completely smitten with his boy Jared. AND in which Jared secretly wants to be a pretty pretty princess and is smitten with his boy Jensen. AND in which they both support each other and have the hot hot sexing.

Is this not everything you need in a fic I ask you all??????

My thanks to my sweet author who was exceedinly patient in knowing nothing about what I was doing until basically every single last call. I adore her story and was tickled to art for it. Special thanks to meus_venator who actually inspired  me to do this stop motion thing and I'm glad she did.♥ As always I thank my flist who ALWAYS inspires me, my milly_gal who reminds me that I'm good enough and my specialest ever girl big_heart_june who makes me happy every single day with porn. I love ALL you guys.

now onto the art...............
 photo my-secret-heart-1-s-delay.gif

this is just a still of the end gif...

 photo SAM_79450.jpg

this one was my backup in case I died in my sleep last night and didn't get that stop motion nailed down lol....I thought I should post it so you can get a long hard look at the emboidered part. I tried to incorporate a lot of imagery from the story in it. :) It wasn't my first idea but it came together so flawlessly I was the right direction at the end.
 photo hardcopy1.jpg

now go read the story!!!!! GO>>>>>>AO3>>>>>>>>>>
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I just get home and all this fucking hotness abounds with the UPFRONTS!!!!

It confirms what I already knew.

My boss was looking at my tattoo at work the other day and was like REALLY??? forever??? You want this guy on you forever.
YES!! FOR FUCKING EVER!! never a better decision has ever been made by me *hearts for eyes*

maybe she just needs to see these upfront vids.
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Art Post for Cracked Cement Pond

Decided to do the quicky_bang and was paired up with wetsammy to do a banner for her story Cracked Cement Pond. Could not have been happier!!!!!!

Cracked Cement Pond [1,639 words, Wincest, preseries, exhibitionism, fingering, anal sex, possessive Dean]
Dean stood with his hands on his hips at the side of the cracked cement pond that passed for a pool in their current motel. It wasn't much but it was more than they usually got from the dives they stayed at.

this would never appeal to me at all right? :P LOL
Cracked Cement Pond
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Yes, there will be porn

so, of course I thought I should stitch some and I did, the indecision came when I started messing with it and adding a background and some photo effects. I figured I sould go grungy and dirty and bad oh so wrong and so on the first attempt I added a bunch of shadow and darkened it up, I liked what it did to the stitching and I didn't even mind that you could see the background threads, I loved the texture of the fabric showing but I thought
Oh, What the Hell, let's try it again.
 photo cracked cement1_2.jpg

the second time I cleaned up the stitching and used a pic with a high flash and really whitened it out. I used a super clean blue pool. I like the effects but it still wasn't right.

 photo cracked cement 2.jpg

....and THIRD TIME'S A CHARM as far as I'm concerned. I used that same clean stitched high flash photo and wet back to my original grittier background, and then I filtered it to look VERY nighttime, very dark and voyueristic and when I added that tile I was like LIGHTBULB moment. YAY!!!! The stitching is less prominent but I think it just works.
 photo cracked cement 3.jpg
 funny enough, usually it's font that I frig around with forever but not this time, the font was easy :)

addition: this is the embroidered piece I started with :)

 photo SAM_6699.jpg
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100 bloggy thingy. 86

#86. The Impala birthday cake!!!! I find it ridiculously sweet that my sister-inlaw googled and actually cared enough to try and do this for me. She did a pretty good job all things considered ♥ It goes without saying that there is endless taunting from at least 2 families members about how Dean isn't even real. I barely care. I'm happy just to hear his name :) They're just jealous that there is NOTHING they love that much.

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100 bloggy thingy. 86 & 85

ok...let's finish this Top 10 of my favorite vids and move on already. I'm in a shitty mood, sorry.
86. Heart That Sits in Your Pocket song Some Racing Some Stopping by headlights and vidded by SecretlyToDream AGAIN!!!! I'm maybe a bit obsessed with her videos. I think I remember once at a convention someone teasing them about making an episode where all they do is exchange looks with each other and I believe it was Richard who was like "oh, that already exists, fans have made that". Cracks me up. Well this is what I thought of when he said that.

(I also love her vids Run and Times and For Blue Skies but this can't be all about SecretlyToDream)

85. Coin Operated Boy by The Dresden Dolls and vidded by counteragent
Obessesed. Me. Also the theme of the video. I do not have a shrine like this but it does live in my head. If any of you haven't seen this video please please please, I beg you, watch it, it's so funny and wonderful and amazing what this fandom can do. This is also not at youtube so I am unable to embed it but it is available at her journal.Her summary says :Sam lost his soul this season and is hot but robotic (and arguably not the same character). Dean (and others) really want ensouled Sam back....

I say we all just want a Sam Winchester to play with and take in the bathtub!!! :P
 Note: while I was playing this the baby was sitting at the table banging her spoon along to the song and craning her head to see the computer screen. She IS a Sam Girl. clearly.

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100 bloggy thingy. 87

96. Dean/Jo My by Natalie Merchant. Vid by ChtiteParisienne75. Alright I make it no secret that I have a soft spot for one Jo Harvelle and can't help the Dean/Jo shipping that I do. This video is an ode to Jo and her heroic but untimely death featuring a song that is so spot on for her I think Natalie Merchant had a precognitive dream and wrote it about her. The vidder did a great job of moving from b & w to this really great subltle coloring and also I find I'm a sucker for the dialogue voice over (and this one is all echo-y and forboding). I did say I was focusing on Sam and Dean but this will be my only departure, CAUSE JO!!!